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ANNOUNCING TWO NEW TRIPWIRE PAMPHLETS: #6: Making Ruins, by Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber and #7: The Tricking Hour, by Irene Silt

Making Ruins, by Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber

Published in conjunction with their exhibition at Republic Gallery, and their ongoing investigative work into architecture, public space, and collective memory, Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber explore the legacy of architectural designs and debates in Skopje, Macedonia, where attempts to erase traces of the city’s sociaist history has resulted in uncanny conjunctures of nationalist ideologies, urban history, and attempts to stage such ruptures in the built environment. Making Ruins points to the corpses of architecture hidden away under foamy camouflage. Artistic intervention is meant to rework the still visible architectural remains into ruins, acting to interrupt the linearity of false historization, preserving memories of a particular moment of past international solidarity and claiming an alternative future. FREE COLOR PDF.

The Tricking Hour, by Irene Silt

Gathering columns written over the last two years by New Orleans-based sex worker Irene Silt for a local alt monthly, The Tricking Hour explores work, sex, criminalization, resistance, joy, solidarity and queer love in the alternative political economies of sex work. A fervently anti-capitalist missive through the intersectional lens of anti-work feminist praxis, where struggles for autonomy and survival are deeply embedded in gendered bodies clandestinely organizing new modes of political identity and rebellion. As Silt asks, “How do we use our bodies, each other, animals, objects in the world, without making claims of possession over them? How do we take our refusal so seriously that we do not return to business as usual—ever?”

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ANNOUNCING TRIPWIRE #16 – the Performance/Writing issue

cover image: Kevin singing “Send in the Clowns” in The Shakers, courtesy of Dodie Bellamy

Announcing Tripwire 16 – the Performance/Writing issue – with over 325 pages of writing, scores, reviews interviews, & translations, plus a 80 page Kevin Killian Poets Theater tribute! Contributors include:

Tanya Lukin Linklater (with Michael Nardone), Jibade-Khalil Huffman & Simone White, Jean-Thomas Tremblay, Claudina Domingo (trans. Ryan Greene), Kim Rosenfield, Nathan Walker, Liz Knox, Rona Lorimer, Léo Richard, & Hector Uniacke, Mohamed A. Gawad & Dalia Neis, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge & Teddy Yoshikami, interviewed by Michelle N. Huang, Kyoo Lee and Jocelyn Saidenberg, Adriana Garriga-López, Gabrielle Civil, plus a Kevin Killian Tribute, with Eileen Myles * Scott Hewicker * Cliff Hengst * Karla Milosevich * Craig Goodman * Michelle Rollman * Anne McGuire * Wayne Smith * Tanya Hollis * Steve Orth * Lindsey Boldt * Maxe Crandall * Arnold J. Kemp * Carla Harryman, Lee Ann Brown & Tony Torn * Susan Gevirtz * Laynie Browne * Patrick Durgin * Norma Cole * Jo Giardini. & reviews: Jessica Lopez Lyman & Jocelyn E. Marshall on Gabrielle Civil, alex cruse on Merce Cunningham, Rob Stanton on Anne Boyer, Jack Chelgren on Miyó Vestrini, David Grundy on Stephen Jonas, Virginia Konchan on Sarah Vap. 340 pages. $15.

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Tripwire is excited to announce two new pamphlets, timed to the Tripwire Series in Cross-Cultural Poetics (hosted by the Poetry Center at SFSU). 

4. Antena Aire (Jen Hofer & John Pluecker),  Flame trough the Bridge: Notes and Transcripts from Improvized Interpreted Poem Perfomances, 2014-2019

5. Cartonera Collective, cardboard minutes // libro de caja 

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Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics @ the Poetry Center, with the Cartonera Collective!

Excited to announce the 2nd annual Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series, featuring three events with the Cartonera Collective, hosted by The Poetry Center at SFSU, Nov 7-8.

Cartonera Collective is a project of Cardboard House Press, devoted to the creation of spaces and media for cultural, artistic, and literary development. We publish writing, art, and contemporary thought from Latin America and Spain, and host bilingual events, community projects and workshops. Our work serves as a platform to exchange ideas and highlight meanings that stimulate diverse human connections and social actions. All of our publications are bilingual—English and Spanish. To date we have published authors from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain and Uruguay.

Presentation and readings: Thursday, November 7 – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The Poetry Center, Humanities 512, San Francisco State University

Cartonera Collective Bookmaking Workshop
Friday, November 8 – 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery, 3036 24th Street (near Harrison), San Francisco
NOTE: Free registration will be capped at 10-12 participants: 

Cardboard House Press/Cartonera Collective: Giancarlo Huapaya, Omar Pimienta, José Antonio Villarán
Friday, November 8 – 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The Green Arcade, 1680 Market Street (at Gough), San Francisco

Free and open to the public.

The Collective’s new Tripwire pamphlet, cardboard minutes // libro de cajas, will be available (including limited-editing hand-bound copies), along with the new Tripwire pamphlet from Anenta Aire, who inaugurated the Poetry Center series last year. Hope to see you at some or all of the events!

Tripwire Pamphlet #3: The Feminist Economics Department

Announcing the third installment of the Tripwire pamphlet series: Desperate Holdings (un) Real Estate: Dis-Investment Strategy, by Cassie Thornton and the Feminist Economics Department. Drawing on the collaborative work and story of the immersive real estate/spa installation at Dream Farm Commons in spring 2019, this pamphlet explores the FED’s ongoing investigation into property and land, with art-actions and performative rituals aimed at subverting the logics of colonial real estate and economic displacement. Find out more at the Desperate Holdings site.

Book release and talk: Tues Oct 22, 7pm EM Wolfman Books, Oakland. RSVP here.

Then on October 23, 25, and 28, from 11am to 2pm, come visit Desperate Holdings Real Estate & LandMind Spa at Oscar Grant Plaza for a land-facial! details here

Continental US: single issue, $3 (incl. shipping)

International: 3-issue subscription, $14 (incl. shipping)

3-issue subscription, $8 (incl. shipping)

International: 3-issue subscription, $14 (incl. shipping)

Tripwire Pamphlet #2: nibia pastrana santiago

Tripwire’s 2nd pamphlet showcases nibia pastrana santiago‘s performance interventions at and around the Whitney Museum of American Art, in collaboration with Eduardo F. Rosario and Daniela Fabrizi, and with performance photos and scores as well as texts by Ren Ellis Neyra, Tung-Hui Hu, and guest curator Greta Hartenstein. pastrana’s practice explores choreography as a demarcation of space, an inherently territorial act. She understands the resulting relationships between choreographer, performer, and audience to be enmeshed in a complex power dynamic—one that, in her work, she relates to the colonial force enacted on Puerto Rico by the United States. Her ongoing practice investigates the history and physical characteristics of San Juan Bay; for the Whitney Biennial, she conducted a similar examination of the Hudson River and the New York waterfront, especially in the area around the Whitney.


Continental US:
single issue, $3 (incl. shipping)

3-issue subscription, $8 (incl. shipping)

single issue, $5 (incl. shipping)

3-issue subscription, $14 (incl. shipping)


Neither a poetry chapbook or a typical poetry zine, this new series will explore a range of (extra-)poetic materials, from short monographs/longer critical essays to collaborations around a theme/issue/site, from archival work to something akin to a mini artist’s catalog that might focus on someone(s)’s work from a variety of angles.

Contributors are paid & pamphlets will be cheap with free PDFs available upon publication.

Our first pamphlet is on the performance poetry of Fel Santos, organized by Paolo Javier & David Mason/Listening Center for the 2018 Queens Museum International Biennale.

Forthcoming pamphlets in 2019 from The Feminist Economics Department, Antena, Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber, nibia pastrana santiago, the Black Took Collective, Isabel Waidner, & more! Check back for subscription info.

The Poetry Center’s Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series: Jen Hofer & John Pluecker, Antena

Antena, John Pluecker & Jen Hofer, engage in a live translation experiment, recorded on September 27, 2018, at The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University. The second night of a two-evening program, debuting The Poetry Center’s Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series, Antena enacted their collaborative practice by engaging in topics chosen through audience feedback, free-flowing association, and discussion of current and past projects, culminating in a performance of improvised interpretative poem-making. The prior night, both writers read from their own work, as well as translations, at E.M. Wolfman Bookstore in Oakland. Both full programs at Poetry Center Digital Archive.

New at J2: Aaron Beasley & David Buuck on Tripwire & “really doing contemporaneity”


Exchanged over email, this interview between David Buuck & Aaron Beasley explores Tripwire’s aesthetico-political engagement and counterinstitutional practices, as well as what affordances print can bring to the digitally inflected poetics scene. It has been lightly edited for readability.



  • Tripwire 14: The Red Issue— now available for $3 download
    375+ pages of new poetry & translations, essays, reviews, radical poetries from the archive, a special section on Greek Poetry of the Crisis & more
  • Tripwire editor David Buuck’s The Riotous Outside— free download from Commune Editions

A Ballad for Etel Adnan

Join Tripwire editor David Buuck at SFMOMA for an exploration of Etel Adnan’s relationship to Bay Area creative communities at a night of poetry and musical performances. Artist Simone Fattal and poets David Buuck, Nick Hoff, and Denise Newman will share selections from both Adnan’s writing and their own. The evening’s festivities continue with a performance by experimental harpist and composer Zeena Parkins and percussionist William Winant inspired by Adnan’s long relationship to color, abstraction, and the California landscape.

Thursday, September 20, 7-9pm
SFMOMA (free with museum admission)
Floor 4, Gina and Stuart Peterson White Box

Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series:
Jen Hofer & John Pluecker Reading & Presentation

The Tripwire Cross-Cultural Poetics Series, a partnership with The Poetry Center, debuts this month with a two-day series by poet-translator-activists Jen Hofer and John Pluecker, who collectively organize Antena, a language justice and language experimentation collaborative focusing on writing, art- and book-making, translating, interpreting, and language justice. Hofer and Pluecker, visiting respectively from Los Angeles and Houston, will read from their own work, then present their work around Antena the following evening; both events are free and open to the public.

Jen Hofer and John Pluecker 
reading from their poetry

Wednesday, September 26, 7pm
EM Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore
410 13th Street (one block from 12th Street BART), Oakland

Antena: a language justice and language experimentation collaborative
Jen Hofer and John Pluecker

Thursday, September 27, 7pm
The Poetry Center

Tripwire 15: Narrative/Prose with a mini-feature on Renee Gladman available later this year!

Deadline for Tripwire 16: Performance/Writing extended to November 1 (guidelines here).


Contribute to Tripwire Microgrants in Translation & help support translators of contemporary poetry & poetics!