Cover image: from Stephanie Syjuco’s Block Out the Sun series

Announcing Tripwire 18: Archive Fervor, with 350 pages of writing, art, reviews, interviews, & translations, with a special section of Poems from the Myanmar Spring!

Poems from the Myanmar Spring, selected & translated by ko ko thett, by K Za Win, Kyi Zaw Aye, Khet Thi, Maung Yu Py, Win Myint, & Lynn Nway Eain, Toppled Monuments Archive, Honora Spicer, Nazanin Moghbeli

Expanding the Archive: Radical Counter-Traditions: Alana Levinson-LaBrosse interviews Zêdan Xelef and Emad Bashar, Cesáreo Martínez translated by Judah Rubin, René Depestre translated by Colin Dayan, José Revueltas translated by Amy Pass, Saïda Menebhi translated by See Red Pass, Lal Singh Dil translated from Telugu by Aditya Bahl, Varavara Rao translated by K. Balagopal, Vasanta Kannabiran, M.T. Khan, N. Venugopal and Jaganmohana Chari

Reprints and Reconsiderations: Inger Christensen translated by Matt Travers and Cecilie Rosendahl, Allison Grimaldi Donahue on Women’s Concrete Poetry, Klara du Plessis on M. NourbeSe Philip, Rachel Levitsky on Gail Scott, Gustavo Ojeda (re)introduced by Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué, Caspar Heinemann on Diane di Prima, Matt Travers on Rudolf Broby-Johansen, Rudolf Broby-Johansen translated by Matt Travers and Cecilie Rosendahl

Mining the Archives: Stephanie Syjuco, Lisa Robertson & sabrina soyer translate Na Castelloza, Noa/h Fields transposes Zukofsky, Coco Fitterman and Victor Torres Rodriguez, Rosie Stockton after Rimbaud, Tim Atkins translates Hölderlin, Roger Farr translates Villon, JJJJJerome Ellis, Rodney Ewing

Reviews: Peter Bouscheljong on Galina Rymbu, Sam Moore on We Want it All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics, Simon Crafts on Maxe Crandall, Allison Grimaldi Donahue on Sarah Dowling, Mary Burger on Camille Roy, Mary Burger on Etel Adnan and Lynn Marie Kirby, Brandon Sward on Cecilia Vicuña, Tony Iantosca on Anna Gurton-Wachter, Peter Valente on Derek McCormack

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