ANNOUNCING TWO NEW TRIPWIRE PAMPHLETS: #6: Making Ruins, by Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber and #7: The Tricking Hour, by Irene Silt

Making Ruins, by Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber

Published in conjunction with their exhibition at Republic Gallery, and their ongoing investigative work into architecture, public space, and collective memory, Sabine Bitter & Helmut Weber explore the legacy of architectural designs and debates in Skopje, Macedonia, where attempts to erase traces of the city’s sociaist history has resulted in uncanny conjunctures of nationalist ideologies, urban history, and attempts to stage such ruptures in the built environment. Making Ruins points to the corpses of architecture hidden away under foamy camouflage. Artistic intervention is meant to rework the still visible architectural remains into ruins, acting to interrupt the linearity of false historization, preserving memories of a particular moment of past international solidarity and claiming an alternative future. FREE COLOR PDF.

The Tricking Hour, by Irene Silt

Gathering columns written over the last two years by New Orleans-based sex worker Irene Silt for a local alt monthly, The Tricking Hour explores work, sex, criminalization, resistance, joy, solidarity and queer love in the alternative political economies of sex work. A fervently anti-capitalist missive through the intersectional lens of anti-work feminist praxis, where struggles for autonomy and survival are deeply embedded in gendered bodies clandestinely organizing new modes of political identity and rebellion. As Silt asks, “How do we use our bodies, each other, animals, objects in the world, without making claims of possession over them? How do we take our refusal so seriously that we do not return to business as usual—ever?”

Click HERE to order or download the PDFs!

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