Please send proposals or inquires to before submitting work. Some familiarity with the journal is appreciated.

Looking for: essays (on contemporary writing, performance, and art), experiments in criticism, poetics statements and investigations, interviews, translations, black and white art work, long-form review essays (that consider several books or authors linked around central themes or questions), performance scores, etc. Submissions do not need to be related to issue themes – send proposals & queries!

Not looking for:  unsolicited poetry, fiction, or plays; conventional academic papers or dissertation chapters; “straight” translations of canonized authors or texts; work primarily designed to be presented online, color visual work.

Forthcoming Issues: Narrative/Prose (closed), Performance/Writing (11/1/18). Preference is to receive proposals first. Also open to rolling submissions and reviews unrelated to specific themes – send ideas & proposals!

Reviewers: Tripwire is looking for reviewers of new and forthcoming books of poetry, criticism, & other forms of experimental writing and performance. While short form reviews are fine, I’m ideally looking for reviews that go a bit deeper than an extended blurb, perhaps reading the work(s) at hand alongside other books/authors and/or pressing aesthetic/political concerns. Below is a very partial list of authors (as of July 2017) who have new books out, and I’m *totally* open to suggestions for others. (& if you have a new book out or are a publisher, please let me know). Please email with inquiries or proposals. I can get you free review copies/PDFs in most cases. (crossed out entries are already spoken for) (This list is very out of date! please propose books to review!) :

Because Tripwire is focused on poetics and poet-criticism, I’m especially interested in reviews of the following essay/poetics/poetry/etc collections: SOS-Calling All Black People: A Black Arts Reader (ed Bracey, Sanchez, & Smethurst), What I Say: Innovative Poetry by Black Writers in America (ed Nielsen & Ramey), Emergency Index #6, Writers Who Love Too Much (ed Bellamy & Killian), From Our Hearts to Yours (ed. Halpern & Tremblay-McGaw), Neplantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color (ed. Christopher Soto), Open Text, V 1-3 (ed Roger Farr), a Guide to Poetics Journal (ed Hejinian & Watten), Angels of the Americlypse (ed Giménez Smith & Chávez), The Force of What’s Possible (ed Hoang & Wilkinson), Aerial 10: Lyn Hejinian issue (ed Smith & Hofer), Essay Press’s Conversation SeriesSouffles-Anfas: A Critical Anthology (ed. Harrison & Villa-Ignacio), Lisa Samuel’s Over Hear: Six types of poetic experiment in Aortearoa/New Zealand, & others like them.

And books by (in no particular order, crossed out names taken): Don Mee Choi, Ashraf Fayadh, Marília Garcia, Russell Atkins, Keith & Mendi Obadike, Verity Spott, Uljana Wolf, Min K. Kang, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Alicia Cohen, Maged Zaher, CA Conrad, Daniel Borzutzky, Cardboard House Press books, Heriberto Yépez, Luis Felipe Fabre, Etel Adnan, Heather Fuller, Cecilia Vicuña, Samantha Giles, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Will Alexander, Vidhu Aggarwal, Edwin Torres, Craig Santos Perez,  Donato Mancini, Joseph Kaplan, Jen Coleman, C.S. Giscombe, Ryan Eckes, Cody-Rose Clevidence, David Lau, Kim Yideum, Frank Smith, Ed Steck, Zoe Tuck, Anne Boyer, Angela Carr, Jane Gregory, josé felipe alvergue, Joseph Rios, Henry Wei Leung, Bhanu Kapil, Rod Smith, Susie Timmons, Douglas Kearney, Tom Raworth, Juan Gelman, Anne Tardos, Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Susan Briante, Robert Glück, Eleni Stecopoulos, Angel Dominguez, Sue Landers, JH Phydras, Emerson Whitney, Vincent Toro, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Beth Murray, Andy Fitch, Dawn Lundy Martin, Janice Lobo Sapigao, Ronaldo Wilson, Sade Murphy, Dodie Bellamy, Hiromi Ito, Joyelle McSweeney, Maggie Zurawski, Emily Abendroth, Steve Zultanski, Ji Yoon Lee, Joseph Kaplan, Kevin Killian, Dolores Dorantes & Rodrigo Flores Sanchez, Kaia Sand, Allison Cobb, Hugo Garcia Manriquez, Julie Carr, Jasper Bernes, Juliana Spahr, Cathy Eisenhower, Kit Robinson, Keston Sutherland, Sean Bonney, Cori Copp, Rob Fitterman, Juliana Huxtable, Rita Wong, Pedro Pietri, Fred Wah, Danielle LaFrance, Jordan Abel, Joseph Somoza, Buck Downs, Tonya Foster, the Collected John Weiners & Letters of Weiners, Diana Hamilton, Lucas di Lima, Tom Raworth, Brian Blanchfield, Vi Khi Nao, Paolo Javier, Holly Pester, Martine Bellen, and likely hundreds more…as well as performance works, experimental prose, text art, journals and mags, translations and reprints, ongoing online debates, etc etc.


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