cover image: Nicholas Galanin, “Shadow on the land, an excavation and bush burial,” earthworks, archaeological dig tools, barriers, 2020.

Announcing Tripwire 17 – with 245 pages of writing, art, reviews, interviews, & translations, plus a special section of “Revolutionary Poetry from Lusophone Africa,” selected & translated by Chris Daniels! All March proceeds go to West Oakland Punks with Lunch

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Sean Bonney, Cassie Smith, & Diane di Prima

Wendy Trevino, Tawahum Bige, Galina Rymbu, translated by Joan Brooks, Cait O’Kane, Jesse Darling, Anahita Jamali Rad, Colectivo Frank Ocean, Amitai Ben-Abba, Nkosi Nkululeko, Cean Gamalinda, Giancarlo Huapaya, translated by Ryan Greene, Hawad, translated by Jake Syersak, Nicholas Galanin, Archival: Revolutionary Poetry from Lusophone Africa, selected & translated by Chris Daniels: Amílcar Cabral * Deolinda Rodrigues * Noémia de Sousa * Alda do Espírito Santo * Marcelino dos Santos * Armando Emílio Guebuza * Nicolau Gomes Spencer, Helena Uambembe, Hugo Garcia Manríquez, translated by NAFTA, Mbizo Chirasha, Trish Salah, Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué, Listen Chen, Hung Q. Tu, Catriona Strang, Buck Downs, Christodoulos Makris, ko ko thett, Catalina Cariaga. Essays & Reviews: Rossen Ventzislavov on Austyn Rich, Jeanine Onori Webb on Manuel Paul López, Alfredo Aguilar, & Lizz Huerta, Sarah Brouillette on Juliana Spahr, Virginia Konchan on Michael Nardone. 245 pages. $15.

TRIPWIRE 17, available now, $15
US (+ $2 shipping)

International (+8 shipping)

4 thoughts on “TRIPWIRE 17

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  3. t3r3s3

    Hearing you speak at the Lana Turner event this week, I thought I’d ask whether I could send you an e-galley of Theatrix: Poetry Plays, my 8th book of poetry. Published by Anhinga Press, it’s a hybrid drama/poetry book of unplayable poems.


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