TRIPWIRE 14: THE RED ISSUE is over 375 pages of new poetry and translations, essays, reviews, radical poetries from the archive, as well as a special section on Greek Poetry of the Crisis and more!

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 1.56.41 PM

Verity Spott * Danny Hayward on Poetry and Self-Defence * Arturo Desimone on Franca Jarach * Adelaide Ivánova (translated by Chris Daniels) * Jenn McCreary * Nathalie Quintane (translated by artiCHOKE & introduced by Antoine Hummel) * Cecily Nicholson in dialogue with Michael Nardone * Kamau Brathwaite * Evan Kleekamp * Sam Vernon * Chris Chen * Sean Bonney * Cassie Thorton * Cassandra Troyan * Heather Fuller * Omar Pimienta   (translated by Jose Antonio Villarán) * Lasana Sekou * Azad Sharma *Eileen Tabios * Spree MacDonald * Heather Fuller on Buck Downs * Krishna Pulkundwar * Greek Poetry of the Crisis: Yiannis Dhallas * Krystalli Glyniadakis * Jazra Khaleed * Universal Jenny * Christos Papageorgiou * Nick Potamitis * Kyoko Kishida * Theodoros Chiotis * Eleni Philippou * translated by Theodoros Chiotis * Peter Constantine * George Economou * Chloe Haralambous * Sarah McCann * Irini Papakyriacou * Max Ritvo * Angelos Sakkis * photos by Mayakov+sky Platform * Archival: Karen Brodine (presented by Sam Solomon) * Leslie Kaplan (translated by Julie Carr & Jennifer Pap) * Katerina Gogou (translated by Angelos Sakkis) * Arturo Desimone on Roberto Jorge * Santoro * Vladimir Mayakovsky (versions by Harry Gilonis) * Friedrich Hölderlin (translated by H. Bolin, commentary by Bruno C. Duarte) * Reviews: Juha Virtanen on Samuel Solomon * Danny Hayward on Verity Spott * Mark Nowak on Tongo Eisen-Martin * Julia Polyck-O’Neill on Stephen Collis * Dale Enggass on Divya Victor * Kay Gabriel on Anne Carson * Lisa Jeschke on Rob Halpern * Jonathan Dunk on Keston Sutherland * Allison Donahue on Uljana Wolf * Michael Gottlieb on Flarf * Robin Tremblay-McGaw on Alli Warren * Emma Brown Sanders on Joanne Kyger
Back cover image: Mayakov+sky Platform, from Timomachia, Patras, Greece.

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